20 Curators Who Changed the Way We See Art

Today, the word “curator” conjures an erudite, jet-setting figure who attends biennials around the world, but the job wasn’t always a glamorous one, and during the mid-20th century, a group of figures helped define the profession as we know it today by working tirelessly behind the scenes. In most cases, their names weren’t household ones at …

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‘Promising New Ideas’ and Intense Focus

In a new study published on Monday in Nature Communications, a team of scientists said it had discovered the key to “hot streaks,” or periods of intense and successful artistic productivity. The paper cites Jackson Pollock’s four-year period of intense productivity and success with his drip paintings.  In a previous paper, Dashun Wang and a team of researchers …

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About Art in America

Since 1913, Art in America has published groundbreaking critical insights about contemporary art and culture. Each monthly issue features exhibition reviews, interviews with leading artists, and in-depth essays by critics, curators, and scholars at the forefront of their fields. Recent thematic issues have examined topics ranging from digital technology in museums to contemporary Indigenous art. …

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