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UI/UX Designer

I am very interest in the Information Technology Specialist position and also Digital Graphics Design.I have multiple certifications in various platforms and technologies. Additionally I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and eight years working in the field.


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 wespoher specialized team

Fatima Faghih


Virtual reality means simulating different environments using computer technology. In virtual reality, instead of interacting with traditional user interfaces, the user is virtually immersed in the environment and enters a three-dimensional world instead of watching a computer screen. The computer acts as a gateway to the artificial world by simulating the human senses, which include sight, hearing, touch, and even smell.

Amir Aghaie

Art Marketer

A virtual reality environment in a virtual reality headset is created by its proprietary applications. Some of these environments are computer graphics and 3D, and others are 360-degree videos or images of real environments that have already been filmed. With this feature of virtual reality technology, it is possible for people to see your facilities and location well.

Pricing on artwork

Pricing on artwork and inserting it in the products section.

Provide certification

Provide artistic and exhibition certificates.

Selling art products

Sell art products of joint artists on the site.